Welcome to Great Treasures (formerly Greek Bible Study). The site has a new name, a new look, and new features. Great Treasures better describes what the site is all about: great treasures in the scriptures. The new look encourages better Bible study practices, such as keeping context in mind while doing a word study. New features include:
- 80 versions (including NIV and multiple Greek texts), up to 5 at a time—to better understand what is written
- 3 ways to study: chapter study, word study, Greek study—to better fit you, your study style, your strengths
- 5 kinds of notes: book, chapter, verse, word study, translation—to express yourself, really get it, prepare to share with others
- 7 note commands: add, edit, delete, move, min/max, undo, download—to give you full control
- 2-step note sharing: permit (others); choose (to see)—to safely share with others you know
- 4 servers and a 100-megabit internet connection—to support you in staying in flow, considering the scriptures
To skip this information and go directly to the new site, bookmark http://greattreasures.org
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